“Cover: transitive verb 1 a : to guard from attack b (1) : to have within the range of one’s guns : COMMAND “The ships were covering approaches to the harbor.” (2) : to hold within range of an aimed firearm, “The deputy covered the sheriff who was apprehending the suspect.” c (1) : to afford protection or security to : INSURE “a policy covering the traveler in all kinds of accidents.””

Insurance is one of the greatest assets anyone can have, to that end I have worked most all of my life, beginning at age 7 when I found my first public employment at the local store, bagging ice for $0.10 cents per bag, $3.00 for 30 bags. I strongly recommend working for the federal government and or investing heavily into their insurance programs, it is one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. Insurance is a key component in wealth building, passing down generational wealth, and being a strong leader.

Current Policies as of 01/01/2024

Medicare Part A Federal Health Hospital (SS)

Medicare Part B Federal Health Doctor (SS)

Medicare For US Territories (5) (SS)

Medicare Shipboard in US Waters (SS)

Tricare For Life Medicare Wraparound (Veterans)

Tricare Overseas TOP DOD (Veterans)

Delta Dental of Ca FEDVIP Dental High (Veterans)

Blue Cross Blue Shield FEDVIP Vision High (Veterans)

Veterans Affairs Priority Group #1 (Veterans 100%+)

Military Treatment Facilities Priority Group #3 (Veterans)

Philippine Preferred Provider Network PPN (Veterans)

Progressive Armed Forces Auto (Veterans)

AAA Roadside Assistance (Mother)

State Auto Insurance Companies (Home)

American Reliable Insurance Company (Farm)

Liberty Safeco Mutual (Home)