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2024 – (in progress) Active Lifetime Member Full Paid, AMVETS VSO.
2024 – (in progress) Active Lifetime Member Full Paid, American Legion VSO.
2024 – Active Lifetime Member Full Paid, Disabled American Veterans VSO.
2023 – Medallion Unity Service Recovery, AA III Years, Dec 19th, Cedar Street GV, TN.
2022 – Medallion Unity Service Recovery, AA II Years Abstinence, Community Church, HV TN.
2020 – Federal Protection Status, “55 Year Old Rule”, Department of Veterans Affairs.
2015 – Certified Entry Level Skipper, Clearwater Community Sailing Center, Clearwater FL.
2014 – Certified Ensign Level Skipper, Percy Priest Yacht Club, Captain Bob Ware, Nashville TN.
2005 – Medallion Unity Service Recovery, AA IIII Years Abstinence, Meetings Brentwood TN.
2003 – 100% Disabled Veteran, SCX3, PG1, A&A, P&T, US Department Veterans Affairs, NV TN.
2000 – Social Security Award Letter 100% + $10,000.00 in Backpay Completed In 28 Days.
1999 – Navy Certificate of Recognition Cold War Service Veteran, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.
1997 – Certificate Microsoft Certified Professional NT 4.0, Microsoft Corporation, CEO Bill Gates.
1997 – Medallion Unity Service Recovery, AA X Years Abstinence, Meetings Brentwood TN.
1996 – Valedictorian Sales Class & First Ever To Score 100% On Entrance Exam, Circuit City Corp.
1996 – Honors Pen Circuit City Sales Class, Circuit City Corporation, President Richard L. Sharp.
1996 – Certificate of Completion Circuit City Corporation, President Richard L. Sharp.
1995 – Navy Certificate of Retirement Honorable Service, Vice Admiral, Frank L Bowman.
1995 – Navy Certificate of Appreciation, Commander in Chief President Bill Clinton.
1994 – Certificate of Birth, Samuel White 9 Pound Baby Boy, Baptist Hospital, State of TN.
1993 – Advancement Telephone Service Representative Supervisor, Comdata Corporation.
1992 – Lapel Pin for Length of Continuous Service To Company, Comdata Corporation.
1992 – Monetary Halloween Costume Contest Third Place Winner, Comdata Corporation.
1991 – Vice President & Manager, J & J Farms Incorporated, Jo Ann White, Schochoh KY.
1990 – Navy Certificate of Appointment Second Class Petty Officer, Captain Charles Beers Jr.
1989 – Navy Promotion, Divisional Damage Control Petty Officer, Ensign, L.H. Benton.
1989 – Navy Ribbon Battle “E”, USS Dixon As-37, Battle Readiness Secretary of the Navy.
1989 – Navy Qualified Radiation Worker, Nuclear Spill Cleanup Team, USS Dixon AS-37, San Diego CA.
1989 – Navy Citation R-1 Lifeboat SHIPALT Welding, USS Dixon AS-37, Captain, W.L. Norris.
1989 – Navy Letter Repair “R” Award USS Dixon AS-37, Sub Base, Secretary of the Navy.
1989 – Navy Letter “Atta Boy” 56 Alpha Ventilation System, USS Dixon AS-37, Ensign, L.H. Benton.
1988 – Navy Ribbon Meritorious Unit Commendation, USS Dixon As-37, Secretary of the Navy.
1988 – Certificate of Marriage Amazing Japanese Wife Masako, El Cajon, San Diego CA.
1988 – Navy SQUIP Certificate of Completion, Sheet Metal Layout, Naval Sea Systems Command.
1988 – Navy Certificate of Appointment Third Class Petty Officer, Captain R.N. Lee, USS Dixon.
1988 – Navy Certificate Petty Officer Indoctrination Course, USS Dixon As-37, Captain R.N. Lee.
1988 – Attached To The USS Dixon AS-37, L.Y. Spear-Class Nuclear Submarine Tender, San Diego CA.
1988 – Navy “Dream Sheet” Awarded Top Pick to Any Duty Station In The World, Treasure Island CA.
1988 – Navy Certificate of Merit, Graduated Top 10% DC “A” School, Commander D.S. Harrison-Brown.
1987 – Navy Advancement Fireman E3, NTC Recruit Training Command, Company 219, San Diego CA.
1987 – Navy Promotion Company 219 Squad Leader, Company Commander, Petty Officer 1 Bright.
1987 – Navy “DEPer Member”, Delayed Entry Program, Garrison Recruiting Command, Chattanooga TN.
1983 – Diploma & Early Graduation Half Year, President Glade Valley HS, C.W. Mackey, Sparta NC.
1983 – Medal Honors Scholastic Achievement, President Glade Valley High School, Sparta NC.
1982 – Certification CPR Emergencies Training Class, Glade Valley High School, Sparta NC.
1982 – Trophy Valley Ventures Award Leadership In Outdoor Education, Glade Valley HS, Sparta NC.
1981 – $1,000.00 Scholarship Scholastic Achievement, Glade Valley High School, President, Sparta NC.
1978 – Certificate of Excellence, Industrial Arts, Hopkinsville Middle School, Principle Clyde F. Lile
1976 – Certificate of Appreciation, Cross Age Tutoring, Hopkinsville Middle School, Principle Clyde F. Lile.
1976 – Patch Jerry Lewis Skateathon, Completed 24 Hours, Kingsway Skate Land, Hopkinsville KY.
1975 – Ribbons Athletic Field Day Events, Booker T. Washington Middle School, Hopkinsville KY.
1975 – Trophy 1st Place Winner, Video Game Competition, Family Hub Center, Hopkinsville KY.
1974 – Trophy 3rd Place Winner, Magic Contest, American Association of Magicians, Kaintuck Territory KY.
1971 – Diploma Bachelor Of Rhymes, Mid-Town Childcare Center, Ann & Herbert Manire, Hopkinsville KY.