10-01-2023, Moss Wright Park Goodlettsville TN, 4:18 PM CST USA. Marc White aged 58, Ran the 400M / or .25 mile / or 1 lap around a regulation track, on the path starting at the top of the hill by the dog park, approximately first 321 meters / .20 mile was down hill, then it levels out, time = 1:22 flat, or 1 minute and 22 seconds. Results on calculator – “Your Running Level is Elite ★★★★★, Over 400 m you’re faster than 97 % of male runners aged 58, pace 5:30 mile, faster than 68% of ALL male runners regardless of age, age bracket 55 “Beginner = 2:27”, “Novice = 2:02”, “Intermediate = 1:45”, Advanced = 1:32, “Elite = 1:22”, “World Record = 1:07”, Race Prediction 5K = 20:51, “Elite – Faster than 95% of runners. An elite runner has dedicated over five years to become competitive at running.” I am extremely happy with this time but I know I can go faster, and on level ground. If I can get to 1:15 on a flat track it would put me in the ‘World Class” of runners on On January 1st 2023 the US marines replaced the “crunch” with the “plank”, probably because currently 80% of all US young adults do NOT qualify to be in the Armed Forces due to obesity, mental health diagnoses, and prescription drugs. October 10th 2023 at Moss Wright Park Marc William White USN-RET executed 10 strict Marine style pullups with no kipping, Jan 11th 2023 executed 3 miles in 30:23, October 12th executed marine plank for 3:45, score 221 points which is 2nd class and pass to be a US Marine. Marine fitness calculator located here: , 1st Class score = 300 to 235, 2nd Class score = 234 to 200, 3rd Class score = 199 – 120. Below 120 FAIL. When I get my 3 mile run down to 27:00 I will be First Class and “Force Fitness Instructor Qualified”.

09-21-2023, in the afternoon, Russellville Kentucky community park on the bypass. OK, now, this is sort of a big deal, because of the times involved. Don’t misunderstand, this was NOT in any way, on FLAT ground, it was down hill, not all of it was a massive down hill run, but part of it is pretty steep. There are many hills out there with a much steeper downhill grade. I will call this about a 40 feet drop in elevation over the course of .25 miles, maybe 50 feet. Ran .20 miles or 2/10 of a mile in 1:05 flat, not bad. The ran .25 miles or 400M or 1/4 mile in 1:24 (a 5:35 mile IF you can keep that pace, wow, now that would be incredible for a 58 year young man), I am going to give myself 2 full seconds because of needing to use the phone to track myself and hit the screen capture buttons, so, basically 1:22, and this is again in the “elite” category on, faster than “97% of male runners my age”, faster than “68% of all male runners”. On a flat track 1:23 puts me in elite, but I have yet to achieve this, so I gave it a go down hill, and as you can see it went really well!! Now, covering a quarter mile / 400 meters / 1 lap on a track in 1:22 is an incredible feeling, I mean its a full on SPRINT, not many humans can do it, and all glory goes to Jesus Christ!!! WOW!! I had a lot of fun with this!!! Thank you for visiting this site, call or text 270-847-2955 for all your web design needs! Saw doctor recently: body weight 150.8 lbs in shorts and T shirt, BP 109 / 62, Oxygen 97%, heart rate 57 BPM, temp 98.4.

09-18-2023, 1:06 AM CST USA, Moss Wright Park on 09-14-2023 at 5:35 PM CST USA, got the 1 mile in 8:17 without stopping, then walked some and ran, for another mile, so 2 consecutive miles in 19:48. Did some other running, then yoga, pullups, squats, 45 pound plate work, hand stands, etc. Decided to sprint, and ran 2/10 of a mile or .20 mile or exactly 321.8 meters in 1:07 or 1 minute and 7 seconds!! A football field is 109.7 meters X 3 = 329.1 meters, so it was almost the length of 3 football fields (just 23 feet shy). This sprint put me in the “Elite” category on , and I quote, “Your running level is elite ***** (5 stars), over 321m you’re faster than 95 % of male runners aged 58, and faster than 62% of all male runners. Age 60 “elite” category is 321M in 1:08, the world record for 60 year olds in the 321M is 56 seconds, so my run was 11 seconds slower than the world record for 60 year olds. Average Pace for this sprint per Run Keeper was the mile in 5:40 if I could keep that pace. From Running Level Dot Com, “”Beginner = faster than 5% of runners, a beginner has started running and has run for at least a month.” “Novice = faster than 20% of runners, a novice runner has run regularly for at least 6 months.” “Intermediate = faster then 50% of runners, and intermediate runner has run regularly for at least 2 years”. “Advanced = faster than 80% of runners, an advanced runner has run for over 5 years”. “Elite = faster than 95% of runners, an elite runner has dedicated over 5 years to become competitive at running”. My running speed was 10.74 miles per hour for 1 minute and 7 seconds.

06-23-2023, June 9th, Moss Wright Park Goodlettsville TN, got the 1 mile in 7:32 flat, kept going and got the 2 miles in 19:21, a mixture of running and walking. Passed the United States Marine Physical Fitness Test recently for my age group of 51+ with the 3 mile run in 30:23, 9 full strict consecutive pullups or 25 consecutive pushups in under 2 minutes, and 52 crunches in under 2 minutes. I can probably pass the Marine test in the 46 – 50 age group. Been squatting some with 120 lbs, and now doing bench presses again and got 135lbs x 1 rep last week. On June 21st got the .5 mile or half a mile in 3:49 with a 6:44 pace at that mark, it gave me a good idea of what will be required to get the goal of 6:55 in the 1 mile, need more work!

04-14-2023, Friday, Springfield TN, J Travis Price Park, 1 mile in 8:40, kept gassing out, 3 quick stops, but got the half mile in 3:52 during the 1 mile, not bad. Will need to start taking my Garden of Life RAW meal all vegan shake again. Got my extension for taxes filed, going to get my back taxes done and buy a nice big house soon, about 5,000 square feet or more. Legs are feeling much stronger now, the squats are helping. Almost back up to 5 full pullups, still need to stretch right shoulder more.

04-13-2023, Thursday, 2:30 PM CST, Moss Wright Park Goodlettsville Tn, 73F, was somewhat nervous due to possibly going sub 8 to 7:50 in the mile, started in north west corner by pullup bars, ended in south east corner, 1 mile in 8:34 flat, suffered stress induced asthma attack, tried shaking it off but would not go away, kept walking, walked and ran another mile in 14:49, eventually asthma got better, 4 strict pullups, 35 squats in under 1 minute, 45 second hang, balance work, hand stands, more pullups, 5 strict pullups, then finished up with goal for 400 meter / 1 lap on track / .25 mile in 1:30 but came in at 1:35 flat. People tell me all the time “your in great shape”, but seriously, very very few understand the sacrifices it takes to do this. One thing is for sure, it’s lonely at the top.

04-09-2023, Sunday, 1st day of the week, 3:20 PM CST USA, Moss Wright Park Goodlettsville Tn, 70F 11MPHW, 20%H, 5K Run-Walk / 3.14 Miles, on pavement, total time 32:06, 10:14 mile pace entire route, splits 1st mile 8:18 – 2nd mile 11:10 – 3rd mile 10:56, 378 calories burned, Weight lift & stretch 2 hours: 4 strict pullups no kipping, 50 squats, more pullups, 45 lb plate workout, 15lb right arm curls, monkey bars 2 trips, some yoga. Went to eat. More pullups, 1 arm hang, 2 arm hangs, park closed. Two nice younger Hispanic ladies showed up, working on pullups, they were doing great. They said they come twice a week, I told them, “come 4 or 5 times a week, you will get major progress quickly”. They were very kind and respectful towards me, nice!

04-06-2023. Primary Care visit: 155.1 lbs on large digital scale with socks, shorts, T shirt, and one thin insulated shirt on, so probably 154 in my birthday suit. 126 / 82 PB, 98% Oxygen, 89 BPM heart rate. Great visit! Love being proactive with my health care! Moss Wright Park: 51 F, 12 MPH winds, 91% humidity, ran / walked 2.13 miles in 22:26 exactly with 10:33 overall pace, splits are 1st mile 9:03 average, 2nd mile 12:08 average, final .13 in 10:02 average. Park mostly empty, perfect.

04-04-2023. 10:05 PM CST. Age 57 years 9 months. Height 5′ 10″. Weight 156 lbs. Body fat 17%, BMI 21.8, HB 68 BPM, Oxygen 97%, PB 135 / 85.

04-04-2023. at Springfield TN at J Travis Price Park, ran .16 miles in 59 seconds, ran the 400 meter / 1 lap / .25 miles in 1:37, both intermediate level on, faster than 72% of all male runners in my age group, and faster than 31% of all male runners. Elite level for my age group is 400 meters in 1:22. My fastest time in 2022 was about 400 meters in 1:28 which is advanced. World record is 1:02. My fastest time in the mile in 2021 was about 7:28, in 2022 fastest time in mile was about 7:35.

03-27-2023 Moss Wright Park. 1 arm hang 27 seconds, 15 marine style pushups, 4 strict pullups no kipping, 25 squats 50 seconds, .25 mile in 1:40, .36 mile in 3:06.

02-21-2023 Moss Wright Park, 1 mile in 7:58 flat.